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August 28, 2019



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August 1, 2019




Every day I wake up between 04:30 and 04:45, or at least most days I do. Sometimes I wake up a bit early, others a bit later, it really depends on how tired I was from the day before. In the summer I can open my windows and hear the brook that runs at the base of a steep ravine which is very close to my home, it puts me to sleep at night and provides a bit of background noise for quiet contemplation when reading or other artistic endeavors.


You see, I live in a rural area in upstate New York about 40 minutes west of Albany. It takes me about 12 minutes to drive to my floral studio in Johnstown, a city with quite a bit of history. Its the birthplace of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the home of Knox Gelatine and in the early 20th century it was know for its glove-making, as a matter of fact the city next to Johnstown is Gloversville!


Studio Herbage, the name of my floral atelier, is now in its fifth year of business and growing. We used to occupy a small storefront on Main Street but in August of 2018 we moved to an adjacent property at 16 North Perry Street. The new space has lots of light for growing all sorts of plants and ample space to entertain clients, craft our signature arrangements and bouquets and provide a type of design respite in a sea of sameness.




When we began there were many people who asked questions like; “why did you open here in Fulton county,” and “why Johnstown?” My answer was “why not?” Prior to our opening there were other florists, some lasted many years and retired some lasted a few years and disappeared. Some are still around or have sold to other owners. Opening in Johnstown was the best option based on many criteria; population size, local industry, income’s, etc. We still have so much work to do in getting folks to think of us first when they are looking to send a beautiful bouquet, it is quite a daunting task.


Oh, by the way, my name is James Dempsey AIFD, CFD, I am the owner of Studio Herbage Florist. I have local roots, I grew up near Johnstown, outside of a small village called Canajoharie. My family and I lived on a farm where we raised many kinds of animals and had a gigantic garden. This is where I began to formulate an appreciation for the natural world. When I began high school I was looking to earn some cash and my guidance counselor suggested that I speak with the local florist. I started at Easter time in the 9th grade and worked there until I graduated! 


I was very fortunate to have an opportunity in high school to work for a local, small business that took a chance on me. I could have been a rotten kid, I knew rotten kids [from school]. Things didn't work out well for some of them. Working in retail can be hard, working in a florist shop is harder. It requires tenacity and perserverance and many long hours, especially during holidays. There were many nights when I would be there till midnight, one or two in the morning and would have to get up the next day at 5 or 6 and start all over again. Heck, I still have to do that now! 



Our mission here in Fulton County, NY is to provide a superb floral product designed according to prescribed standards of modern floristry and using the freshest cut flowers and foliages, plants and seasonal botanicals available, sourced from around the world with special attention to those local growers whos mission is to supply flowers only to the cut flower market and who do not compete directly with us for retail customers.



When customers make a concious decision to spend their dollars at Studio Herbage Florist we in turn are able to hire local people, spend our dollars on locally sourced resources and thereby complete the circle. We encourage all potential customers to call us directly or use our eflorist ordering platform at



Check back frequently as we will be posting much more information about what is going on in our atelier, shop specials and also design experiences. If you would like to sbscibe to our 'going's on' list just click here to be added and thank you for taking the time to read our introduction!